Edmund Burke

Said:  “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.


Translated to the Kenyan situation, and in the light of the 07/08 post- election violence, the advice should read: the only thing necessary for another bout of post- election violence to occur is for the intelligent and peace loving Kenyan to vote in the referendum and 2012 presidential elections.  


It shouldn’t take rocket science to figure out that voting in those two events will be doing absolutely nothing.  It will not bring a new constitution and I will not accept the president you vote for, neither will I go to the courts. I will just tell my friends near the railway tracks and churches to do the necessary. Of course I will be armed with the latest state of the art excuses masquerading as reasons and explanations for the violence. Annan is still around.


Please don’t let me stop you from exercising your democratic right or left. After that exercise in futility, on your way out of the voting station do yourself a favor and buy a weapon!  











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