Chapter two


The relationship between these two communities started off on a fairly friendly note. This can be attributed to the fact that the political leaders of the two communities were in the same political camp. Kenyatta, Oginga Odinga and Tom Mboya were all in KANU, and high ranking government officials too.

The impact of Oginga Odinga quitting the government and forming KPU was neutralized by the presence of the charismatic Tom Mboya on Kenyatta’s side. It therefore did not disrupt by much the cordial relations between the two communities.

However, the tide of their relations turned on the assassination of Mboya in 1969 followed closely by the Kisumu massacre. The relationship remained tense through out President Moi’s reign. Sometimes the tension flared into passionate debates e.g. during the high- octane Wambui Otieno’s legal case.

In 2002 general elections, the relations between the two communities thawed some. This was after Raila Odinga’s Rainbow Coalition joined NAK to form NARC which won the elections with Kibaki as the flag bearer.

However, the relations were soon on the rocks after the disagreements between Kibaki and Raila over MOU. Matters did not improve much with the heated debates over the 2005 referendum, and the hotly contested 2007 presidential elections only moved matters  from bad to worse.


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