Chapter four


These communities do not have a history of conflicts between them. The only time the Kikuyu and Kamba communities had  frosty relations was during the 2005 referendum, attributable to their leaders having been in different camps, Kalonzo supporting Orange and Kibaki banana. However, the relations soon thawed after the split of the Orange movement into ODM and ODM- Kenya.

In the case of Luhya and Kikuyu communities, the only time they ever had strained relations was during the 2007 disputed presidential elections. This is attributable to the fact that the Luhya community has been pretty ‘liberal’ in their democratic process: They vote for leaders both in government  and in the opposition. It is therefore quite hard to bring them together long enough to ‘educate’ them on the ‘virtues’ of hating members of other communities  whose political leaders are in government.


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