The best presidents kenya will never have

Thanks to rampant political tribalism, Kenyans have forever lost potential benefits of some of the greatest leaders.

My lists of the who is who in this category reads as follows:

Oginga odinga, JM Kariuki, Pinto, Tom Mboya, PLO Lumumba, Kivutha kibwana, Raphael Tuju, Mukhisa kituyi, James orengo ,Njoki Ndung’u,Martha Karua… the list is endless.Add  more!


2 Responses to “The best presidents kenya will never have”

  1. mwanandodi Says:

    we are all viongozis,just come out we know you.

    • tribe46thkenyan Says:

      Thanx. In due time, dear. I am currently engaged in the groundwork, so to speak ,which basically involves “civic education 101” as well as looking for funding. May you live in interesting times.

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