Our main problem in kenya is not corruption,impunity or even hunger/poverty.It is political tribalism.

Corruption is a challenge even in the USA,as Obama intimated at the UON. Another case in point is the recent scandal involving BLAGOJEVICH! Imagine there was political tribalism in the USA,and Blagojevich was a tribal leader of a state having 100 electoral votes. Do you seriously think that even Obama could have had the guts to fire him, leave alone condemn him over the corrupt deal?

The sooner we solve the political tribalism issue the sooner we will embark on the road to solving the rest of the problems facing us as a country.
changing leaders during elections will solve nothing,and you  can get more insight about the futility of voting from Sue’s articles such as ‘the kenya we dont want’ and others(

All the other blogs on the  way forward 4 kenya are ok but we have wrestled with theoretical politics for so long that we need to get alittle bit practical. such sites as (,, ) provide good theoretical foundations.

By the way,   nobody voted for Michael Joseph or Naikuni to be  CEOS and the last time I checked,they were doing well for their  respective companies!


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