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March 31, 2009

The current parliamentarians should NOT pay taxes! The guys  ‘bought’ the  ‘seats’   inclusive of the  the perks.

kenyans are simply behaving like a sales person who sells an old car with a very expensive and hightech music system. A few days after the conclusion of the sales deal, he goes to the buyer demanding the music system back  saying that it was not part of the deal!

I sympatize with all those who, like me, were unfortunate enough not to get a cent of the campaign money. In the  next elections (2012), remember to join me in educating the electorate not to vote for anyone who dish out money.Then and only then will we have the right to demand they pay the f-ing taxes


The 2012 Project: stopping the murderous and stupid political system in kenya!

March 27, 2009

Can you  believe that there are  still a few suckers out there  who are  planning on voting both at the referendum and presidential election in 2012? I sincerely hope you are not one of them!

My project simply involves removing  all the intelligent Kenyans  from the voting lines in these two occasions, and just in case I’m yet to get in touch with you this is my advice to all non tribal Kenyans: YOUR VOTE IN THESE TWO OCCASIONS SHALL LEAD TO DEATH OF A KENYAN. SAVE LIVES: DON’T VOTE!

Read ‘Eradicating tribalism’ and ‘saving lives’  pages for details.

Eradicating Tribalism and Preventing Post-Election violence

March 27, 2009


This goes out to all people of intellect; people, who like me, are tired of being told that we deserve the leaders we’ve got. Unfortunately it’s true. We, who have something between our ears, who have the capacity to change things have done absolutely nothing and then we have acted all surprised-Nay, shocked-when the shit hits the fan.

Kenyans have for long prayed for good leadership and prosperity in the country. However, if you pray to God for something, you are only provided with the opportunity to acquire it. For example, God won’t bring you a job; He will ensure a vacancy that suits you and make sure the info gets to you in time. Like Job of the bible, Kenya has been plagued with numerous seemingly insurmountable problems: a divisive referendum, a bout of post-election violence, hunger, scandals and leaders who are unable or unwilling to rise above ethnic lines in order to lead Kenyans to the Promised Land. This is the opportunity God is giving us to finally come to our senses and use the brains He gave us to create the conditions necessary for the emergence of true national leaders.

It is such a pity that in the land that produced an Obama we continue to suffer under the burden of inept and corrupt leadership. This project aims at, inter alia, setting up favorable conditions for the emergence of true national leaders in the country.

My action plan is based on the following premises:-

 1) That in order to be able to solve any of our problems be it post-election violence, bad leadership, corruption etc., we must first overcome our main hindrance: Political tribalism. Normally, Kenyans co-exist in harmony and even intermarry. We ONLY get tribal during heated political events such as referendum or presidential elections. Politicians have made us believe that we are tribal. We are not!

 2) That solving political tribalism will essentially demand emergence of True National Leaders preferably, but not necessarily, young who do not owe their allegiance to their tribe but to Kenyans.

 3) That to get true national leaders we need to seal all the loopholes which some politicians exploit in order to drive their tribal agenda.

To this end, this is the way forward:

 1) There shall be NO voting in any referendum on the new constitution. There are other ways of effecting a new constitution without a referendum which might potentially cause more bloodshed and destructions in the country

2) There shall be NO voting in the 2012 Presidential elections. Instead we shall have the following two leaders as transitional compromise candidates:

(a) Musalia Mudavadi – Prime Minister (unopposed).

(b) Kalonzo Musyoka – President (unopposed).

This smooth transition will give us time to heal as a nation. It will also prevent another orgy of post-election violence, together with its aftermath such as inflation.

The two leaders will owe their allegiance to kenyans


The two leaders shall not campaign. We have heard enough lies masquerading as campaign promises from PNU, ODM, ODM-K, to last us two lifetimes

There shall, however, be parliamentary and civic elections. From the various by-elections and even the general elections,it is clear that we can handle (manage) civic & parliamentary elections without chaos.

From 2017-2032 General Elections, the following shall happen:

From among the group of tribes who’ve never had one of their own as President or PM, the two numerically large tribes shall participate in a draw to determine which tribe gets the presidency and which one gets the premiership. The draw shall be organized by a reformed electoral body and supervised by local and international observers. The draw shall be held 2 years before a general election.

Once a tribe has the docket, it produces all the candidates from which voters will elect the president (or from which MP’s will elect the Prime Minister).

If this isn’t functional democracy, then I don’t know what is! This is what I prefer to call democracy tempered with affirmative action. This is because even tribes which don’t have the numbers will still have a chance to lead the country. This will be the last nail in the coffin of tribal politics. This is because all the candidates will be from only one tribe at a time so it will be utter nonsense for any politician to tell people to vote for a person from their tribe.

This will now herald the emergence of true national leaders, leaders who will be elected by Kenyans on the basis of other qualities other than tribe. They will be answerable to Kenyans. .

It will now be possible to choose young leaders , female leaders or whatever other trait we so prefer, without being blindsided by tribalism

I am still scouting for an intelligent MP to spearhead the passage of a bill in parliament for the amendment of the constitution to provide for the following provisions.

1) constitutional convention/ constituent assembly

2)The position of executive Prime Minister and Executive President.

3)President to be elected by voters (universal suffrage) and Prime Minister to be elected by members of Parliament through simple majority in parliament irrespective of whether or not he/she is in the party with majority in parliament.

4)The President and Prime Minister shall be from a Kenyan tribe which has never had one of their own as President or Prime Minister (except in case of a vacancy before five years are over).

5)Cabinet appointments to be done on a 50/50 basis between the president and the prime minister. Parliament to debate on which specific docket goes to the president and which one goes to the Prime Minister. The appointments should exhibit regional balance

6)The President and Prime Minister to appoint a running mate and one deputy Prime Minister respectively.

7)The President and Prime Minister to serve for a maximum of five years

8)President and running mate shall not be members of parliament.

9)In case of a vacancy in either the presidency or premiership before the five years are over, the candidates for replacement shall come from the respective tribe.

10)The Ministers shall not be more than twenty.

Be part of the 7 million non-tribal, intelligent Kenyans who are bringing meaningful change in Kenya. Stop whining and enumerating the problems in Kenya. Let us do something about them.




March 26, 2009

Our main problem in kenya is not corruption,impunity or even hunger/poverty.It is political tribalism.

Corruption is a challenge even in the USA,as Obama intimated at the UON. Another case in point is the recent scandal involving BLAGOJEVICH! Imagine there was political tribalism in the USA,and Blagojevich was a tribal leader of a state having 100 electoral votes. Do you seriously think that even Obama could have had the guts to fire him, leave alone condemn him over the corrupt deal?

The sooner we solve the political tribalism issue the sooner we will embark on the road to solving the rest of the problems facing us as a country.
changing leaders during elections will solve nothing,and you  can get more insight about the futility of voting from Sue’s articles such as ‘the kenya we dont want’ and others(

All the other blogs on the  way forward 4 kenya are ok but we have wrestled with theoretical politics for so long that we need to get alittle bit practical. such sites as (,, ) provide good theoretical foundations.

By the way,   nobody voted for Michael Joseph or Naikuni to be  CEOS and the last time I checked,they were doing well for their  respective companies!

first things first

March 24, 2009

To paraphrase the good book, how will it benefit Kenya to gain “an ideal democracy”  and become a  Somalia or Rwanda. Lets first have kenya as an ongoing concern then all the ideals will follow after 2017.