Maybe We should NOT ELECT WOMEN IN 2017

January 10, 2017

Trying to get women elected in Kenya, just like anywhere else in in the world where patriarchal societies exist, is an uphill task at the best of times. Men believe they should not be led by women and women seem to believe that men are better leaders than women. Having been on the #electwomen trail for about 10 years now with little movement in this front has made me start questioning my belief that women are wrong in electing men instead of their fellow women. Maybe they know something that we, men, are not privy to. What if the women know for certain that they cant make good leaders and we are just out here forcing leadership on them based on mere theories that women are as good leaders as men? I think I should just join the women and tell Kenyans not to vote for women in 2017.

Deputy President William Ruto for president 2017!

June 21, 2016

After Kabogo opened the can, worms be slithering allover Mt. Kenya region! Leaders from the region are falling over  themselves and frothing in the mouth to distance themselves from his remarks.This is common knowledge that most kikuyu leaders are planning to prop yet another kikuyu as their presidential flag bearer in 2022. Most of the political leaders are myopic hypocrites whose only concern is trying to rescue the political fortunes of President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2017, and then tell Ruto to take a hike in 2022. Being the shortsighted buggers that they are, they do not realize that their actions of lack of reciprocation for Ruto will poison the relationship of the inhabitants of the Rift Valley, leading to a situation similar to ’07/’08. Most voters wouldn’t have a problem voting for Ruto in 2022, but the leaders are sure to find some propaganda to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

I don’t think there is any good that will be served by President Uhuru going for a second term. He has done pretty good in this first term.  If he steps down in favor of his deputy Ruto, he would leave an unmatched legacy and will be respected all over the world.

President Uhuru stepping down will remove the kikuyu factor that Raila thrives on. Without a kikuyu to hate on, Raila’s political career will be as dead as a dodo.

By the way, the odds of President Uhuru getting a second term with an alienated Rift Valley region are worse than the ones of Kibaki’s reelection. Then again, Maybe our leaders are right that the Rift Valley voters are somehow slow…

Ruto’s chances of ever being a president are only real in 2017. After this even the Rift valley votes will be a mirage to him, let alone the mt kenya ones.

With William Ruto being voted in as president in 2017, it would then be easy to embark on a rotational presidency.  Ruto should then pass the baton to governor Mutua in 2022.  Mutua should serve his 5 years and hand over to a peron from Luo Nyanza. The person from this region should serve his term and the presidency should then move to the coast province.

ITS time We stop hating each others’ tribe over the presidency and concentrate on socially repairing our frayed social fabric.




#ElectWomen 2017

June 10, 2016

If you are one of those chauvinists or feminists still stuck at the level of qualifications, it has been nice having you here. Now, F–k off.

There will be many men and women who wont vote for Hillary Clinton simply because they believe that a woman cannot be POTUS. This has absolutely nothing to do with her qualification!

We are all agreed that women are as qualified leaders as men. We have, therefore, moved on up to the level where the distinguishing factor between men and women leadership is gender, not qualifications or lack thereof. The default voting pattern for members in most patriarchal societies is voting for men irrespective of qualifications.

This is my starting point. It is clear that in the coming elections many women wont be voted for, not because they are not qualified, simply because they are women. Put another way, most of us will vote for men simply because they are men. We still use the words “men” and “leader” interchangeably.

My point for pushing people to elect women is not to have women leadership as an end in itself, but as a means to an end. The end envisaged in #ElectWomen is that more women in political leadership will serve as a model of what is possible for our young daughters. In addition, it is much more difficult for the executive to ignore women in nominative or appointive positions like is the case currently.

Vote for women in positions of Governors, MP, MCA


Of Kabogo’s “Mt.Kenya” Truth and its 2017 elections effects

June 10, 2016

It has been common knowledge for quite sometime now that none of the leaders of the Mt.Kenya region was too keen on having Deputy President William Ruto as the President of Kenya after President Uhuru Kenyatta. The talk of “tutigacokia guoko” has been allover, including on mass media such Inooro TV.  Kabogo simply stated the obvious, his sin being that he has never met the french saying “thiya ithuire Mumianiriri”.

Way back in 2011 or thereabouts, I really hated, and was disgusted by suggestions and claims by the opposition to the effect that Kikuyus can never vote for a person who is not a kikuyu as president. I was disabused of this notion after the acrimonious  falling out between Mudavadi and Uhuru just prior to the 2013 general elections. I used to blame Raila for MOU conflict with Kibaki which precipitated their parting of ways. I really believed that the Kikuyu would  have voted for Raila if he had laid low like Moi did during Kenyatta’s era.Ruto has laid low for all this time despite all the criticism in his backyard only to be rewarded with a shrug from the Mt.Kenya region. with the benefit of hindsight, Raila was right to jump rather than waiting to be pushed.

Whether Mt.Kenya Vote for Ruto or not isn’t supposed to be such a big deal, but for the ethnic-based politics kenya embraces. In presidential elections most kenyans  vote as an ethnic  block depending on the promises their tribal kingpins give them. Most of the people who vote for a president who isnt a tribesman have promises of reciprocal reward when “their time comes”. Most Kalenjins Voted for Uhuru on the premise that kikuyus will vote for Ruto in 2022. This is where the problem of Mt. Kenya not voting for William Ruto  checks in. Uhuru still needs Ruto to convince the Kalenjins to vote for him in 2017 general elections, Unless he listens to some of those deluded kikuyus who believe they have the numbers to elect a president on their own.

The “official” pronouncement  by Kabogo will embolden the deputy president’s rivals in the rift valley, which will pull the ethnic block votes rug from under Ruto’s feet. The likes of Isaac Ruto have just received a lifeline in their erstwhile fading political careers. Without Rift valley’s votes, President Uhuru will have an uphill task  getting reelected in 2017.

The issue now will be whether the mt kenya are opposed to Ruto as a person or Ruto as a reminder of Moi’s oppressive regime. If it’s the former, Gideon Moi will check in as his replacement but if it’s the latter, The Rift Valley votes have taken a flight.

I believe Kabogo feels that the president has not supported him enough in his tuff fight with Waititu, and he thus decided to retaliate by making president Uhuru’s reelection that much more difficult. Either way, after this we can safely say Kabogo is serving his one and only stint as kiambu governor.








The #Shulamite Girl:Women have “executive power” over #sex.They decide when and if it’ll happen!

November 25, 2013

A great example of a woman
exhibiting leadership in her
marriage is the Shulamite girl of
Song of Songs. This
girl knows exactly what she
wants, and isn’t afraid to tell her
lover to make it happen!

The Shulamite girl is the first to
speak in the poem, declaring, “Let
him kiss me with the kisses of his
mouth” (1:1). She actively seeks
out the handsome shepherd in his
fields, saying “Why should I be like
a veiled woman beside the flocks of
your friends?” (v. 7). When the two
are separated, she goes out into
the streets, looking for him, and at
one point is accosted by the city
guards. When she finds him, she
brings him into a private room.
There, she says, “I held him and
would not let him go” (3:4). It is she
who initiates a sexual encounter in
a vineyard in the countryside, and
it is she who offers her lover a
frank invitation to drink her wine
and to enter her “garden” to taste
its choice fruits. Indeed some of
the most beautiful lines of the
poem—and arguably of the Bible—
are hers: “Place me like a seal over
your heart, like a seal on your arm;
for love is as strong as death”

To all teenaged daughters

November 21, 2013


To all teenage daughters!

November 21, 2013

Sex is not love

November 19, 2013

It’s that time of the year again when mothers with teenage daughters pray that they could press a fast-forward button in life and find themselves just at the school-opening day. Worse still  is for those with daughters  who’ve finished their KCPE/ KCSE exams: some such feel that  they’ve been freed from jail and it’s “time to enjoy”.

  Unfortunately young and old men are out there all too eager to grant such their fancies. Fortunately,only a small percentage of girls indulge in such as most of them either lack the opportunity or are intelligent enough to know better.

I believe that most of the young girls who end in the sex trap can broadly be grouped into two. The first group comprises of those who are basically deluded that sex = love. They believe there’s a causative relationship between sex and love, and that to prove that one loves a guy,she has to sleep with him. It mind sound naive at this time and age, but it’s happening everyday. Such girls will give in to their “lovers” insistence even if they know it’s wrong. By the time they realize the relationship between sex and love is merely correlation,it’s too late, and possibly the guy already has another gullible  chick he’s telling how she needs to sleep with him to prove her love for him.  

The second group is  essentially a product of our patriarchal socialization where girls and women are raised to believe they are “weak vessels”. As such they are not allowed  responsibility even over their own lives. They believe girls and women have no say over the sex process: they just have to wait for pickup lines from guys and they have to drop it like it’s hot. We then exhort  the girls to “say no”, and we wonder why this mantra  doesn’t work its magic.

In most ethnic groups,a guy who impregnates a girl is given a choice either to marry the young woman or pay “for breaking another man’s goat’s leg” (don’t ask me what it means; it’s not important. This implies that the girl had nothing to do with the whole thing. Most readers will be on my neck ostensibly for blaming the victim (the pregnant woman). Just indulge while I get to my point.

From experience, and thorough consideration my view  is that in a normal sexual encounter,  women (and girls) hold the “executive power” over the whole sexual process. They decide when and if it will happen! If a lady raised up with the knowledge  that  she’s a human being with a brain as good as any gentleman’s, and who has been given responsibility over her own life,and knows she’ll be blamed in case of pregnancy won’t find it hard to talk no, and walk it. And no man, irrespective of how suave his pick up lines are would make her budge!

Over this Christmas season, tell that young girl near you that  she’s responsible for her own life, and that we will blame her for any visible results of her misadventures.        

UNLESS IT IS RAPE! I do not consider Rape and sexual assault  of any kind  as a normal sexual encounter. These are crimes which should be categorized with robbery with violence and punished as such!            

Women and Men are Leaders: Redefining leadership

August 13, 2013

Perception is reality. Perception is shaped by a person’s socialization process. Leadership is by and large a subjective concept; a function of perception.

In most patriarchal societies like Kenya, most men and women associate  “leader” with “physical strength” and strength implies “man”. In my humble opinion,this has contributed immensely to the relative paucity of women in elective positions, and by extension in senior leadership positions in all other social spheres.

This perception of “leader” as implying “man” is chiefly a throwback to the traditional societal  life in which leaders were  people (usually  men) who had excelled in war. The war could be raids to other villages or defense of one’s  village when under attack.

In modern societies, leadership has since changed both as a concept and in it’s role in the society.However, we are yet to give up those age-old notions of the term leader being associated with physical strength, and hence man.We, therefore,still socialize our children the same way. Boys and girls grow up knowing that boys are, and will always be leaders. This usually has a negative impact on the young girls, and on the overall position of women in the society.  Your daughter will fail in maths and not because she is incapable: because we say maths is for boys. She will not work as hard as she would otherwise do.Truth be told,  Maths & sciences are hard for most boys too- trust me, I talk from experience! We just worked hard at it.

As I always tell my fellow men,we keep telling our daughters they are not as good as boys, they grow up believing it, they grow up acting below their ability,they fail in stuff they’d have otherwise excelled in,most leave school and get married/or end up with unwanted pregnancies. Most of the ones who got married get dumped and head home with children. And grandparents end up raising their grandchildren!

Paradoxically, most men value the women in their lives (their mom & their sweet daughters). They, however, look down upon other people’s mothers and daughters. The women join in this conclave and we all end up perpetuating patriarchy. Maybe the starting point should be for us, men, to deepen this selfishness: we elect women and give them leadership positions in the hope that ours will suffer the same fate. Incidentally,the more women leader role models out there, the better the chances that our daughters will work had and be like them or even better.

At the core of leadership is an implied “ability” or “capacity”. A leader is one who exhibits relative strength in a certain sphere. This has nothing to do with gender. As it’s often said, if we judge a fish by its ability to ride a bicycle,it will forever live believing it’s stupid. Unfortunately,leadership is mainly a subjective concept; a function of perception. If we keep on raising our daughters with the perception that their greatest ambition should only extend to having the grandest marriage ceremony in the village …
In the same vein, since our daughters can’t be leaders,they, therefore, can’t possibly be in control of their lives, or play a leading role in their own lives,so to speak. The young girl is expected to be responsible yet the word responsibility has the connotation of ability, which we’ve already concluded our young daughters know not of. It’s time we informed them that they are capable,then we give them responsibility first over their own lives and by extension to the society. Responsibility=response +ability.
One social sphere that has really suffered under this leadership perception is politics. Political leadership happens to be the most overt form of leadership, and as such has the greatest  potential of influence in the society,  Once we change the perception of women as leaders in the political sphere,it’s easy to cascade it down to all other social levels.My hypothesis is that gender parity in all other social spheres will always lag behind gender parity in politics. Next time I tell you to elect women,don’t give me this tired line that I was given by some people(both men and women) prior to 4th March elections: “we don’t need women leaders, we just need good leaders.” Most of them actually ended up voting for men, which means good leaders are…

Few women in leadership positions (especially in politics)  will lead to women rights being thrown under the bus, so to speak. We should move on up from quality to quantity, unless you are still stuck in the belief that women are not as capable as men.

My contention is that we do not have a shortage of women leaders,but rather, we suffer a severe shortage of voters who believe women are as good leaders as men, and, therefore, would vote for women. Wangari Maathai,a  Nobel laureate, lost her bid for reelection as an MP and also failed in her presidential bid. You cant possibly tell me that she lacked leadership qualifications.


MISSION: Redefining leadership by changing the social/cultural perceptions to create a different reality for our young daughters. I am aiming at having half the number of elected leaders being women.

VISION: Turning Kenya (and eventually the world) into a Rwanda or Sweden where men and women have equal opportunities in life, And more importantly where humanity  benefit from the skills and experiences of the often  disregarded half of the world(ie women).

I doubt people would be allergic to their countries and companies  being managed the way their homes have been managed by their mothers..

If you can, and are charitable enough to support “Women and Men are Leaders“, donate through:  Mpesa,0722106732.

You can also share and help me reach the next person.

Explanations as to Why some women-Managers are cruel. #WomenandMenAreLeaders,@femnetprog

July 29, 2013

News of elevation to a position of power is usually greeted with jubilation. But a woman, like all weak men, receives such news with jubilation mixed with trepidation.

This is because of two conflicting emotions: She believes she deserves it, and yet at the same time she fears she might disappoint in her new position. People have told her that she’s weak so often that she had internalized it and made it her reality.

In general weak people –reality or illusion- tend to make up for the weakness  by being cruel, bitchy and heartless in the mistaken belief that that will make them be feared and, therefore, respected. In essence they confuse fear and respect. Nothing could be, even remotely, further from the truth!

What women managers overlook is one important fact: once you have executive power your subordinates know it. Trying to prove it to them by bludgeoning them on the head with it will just create fear rather than respect. In most cases, fear breeds resentment which later develops into resistance culminating in non- compliance and sabotage.

This notion of weakness in women is so pervasive that even Connie Glaser, a “leading expert in gender diversity” in the US falls in it’s trap. In her article “get comfortable in your management skin” advices women: “as a new boss, it’s better to start out abit more tough than accommodating”. This gets one wondering, with friends like these do women really need enemies?!

Connie Glaser should read about the experiences of one Julie Culwell.  While manager of the editorial services at the coca cola company, she started of by distancing herself from the staff and keeping her relationship with them strictly professional. And she admits “in fact I was miserable and so was my staff”, until she decided to become close friends with the team members.

Having served as a teacher and a boarding master, I can attest to the veracity of Julie’s facts. It is easier to even control a student who respects and  considers you a friend,  rather than one who merely fears you.

Most weak managers pull rank because in their heart of hearts they believe the subordinates are aware that they are weak, and ,therefore,  won’t obey her/him. They see coercion or force as the only way out of the non-compliance dilemma. Such managers end up being concerned with position rather than in the efficacy of their management. It’s common to come across a principal who would expel a student who don’t fear her rather than a really rotten one who sees her/him and scrams!
This  “weakness theory” ends up, in the long run, affecting both males and females directly or indirectly. The people suffering the brunt of such a manager, as well as the other bosses conclude that women cannot be good managers. In short it’s a vicious cycle.

This  ‘weakness theory’ stems from socialization since childhood. That’s where we need to start addressing it. You have a daughter, a niece, a sister or any other young girl; it’s time to tell her she’s not that weak. She reports to you that another kid hit her, tell her what you’d tell a boy: if the kid  hits you again, hit back. This is a good starting point.